They just need to let her go home...

Sunday, August 06, 2006
Last week mother was finally released from the hospital to the rehab
center...she was supposed to be there about two or three weeks for
physical therapy & antibiotics. Well, now she is heading back to
the hospital.

No, not b/c she isn't doing well - b/c her caregivers are incompetent.

The first night she went to the rehab center she was supposed to have
her antibiotics at around 6:00 - daddy had to keep reminding them about
it and their answer was always "the pharmacist is preparing it..." -
well, he they were preparing it for hours b/c she didn't get the
medicine until about 11:00. Not only were they hours late, but they
gave her the wrong mixture of antibiotics and then had a very bad
reaction to it. Everyone rushed around to get her stabilized - her
breathing was eratic and her blood pressure had rose over 200 and she
had uncontrollable rigors/shakes. The management at the rehab center
came in and apologized over and over and said that it wouldn't happen
again. That was one week ago.

Last night I spent the night with mother and daddy went home for the
night. We were up from midnight until about 2:00 AM b/c they gave her
the wrong medicine again!!!!! I wasn't there the first night she had
the reaction, but mother said it was worse the first night than last
night; however, I was scared to death last night. It was so scary to
see her that way. I couldn't believe they had messed up again.

I told daddy about it this morning and needless to say he is having her
removed from the clinic and taken back to the hospital. The physical
therapy was something we can do - all they were doing was walking her
around the floor and at least at the hospital we'll know the pharmacy
will get her drugs right. They could have killed her - if they are
allowed to continue with this type of incompetency they'll end up
killing someone else in the future.

Her doctor said she wouldn't have any antibiotics scheduled for tonight
and it's a good thing b/c they won't be able to get a room for her back
at the hospital for at least another day - so tonight she'll stay at
the clinic again. She did have a lot more room at the rehab clinic and
it was quieter, but what good is all that if they can't administer her
drugs properly?

Just when we thought everything was about to be over and she was going
to be going home soon something else happens. She's survived cancer,
infections, diabetes, nerve damage, the loss of her spleen, most of her
pancrease, and a lobe of her lung all to have the pharmacists nearly
kill her with the wrong medicine. Once she gets back to the hospital
and they get her meds corrected, though I think she'll have a speedy
recovery and hopefully be home very soon.

She really is looking very well despite these two back episodes she has
had there - she looks like mother again and has regained so much of her
strength back. Her spirits are much better, too...I hope this incident
doesn't set that back, though. Outlook determines outcome and if her
outlook isn't positive niether will be her outcome. I believe that
everything is going to be alright now, though that she is going back to
the hospital to finish her antibiotics.