Site's been quirky...

Friday, August 18, 2006
My site has been down a couple of days (Time Warner to blame for that), but like I said before my wonderful host
is moving us to Expression Engine so I am being extremely patient b/c
as soon as we get moved our sites are going to move like lightening
& EE is the best blogging tool so things are going to be super cool
around here - once I learn EE!!! I used pMachine before & it took a
little while to learn, but once I did I could do anything with my site
- EE is like pMachine on steroids so I know it's going to be wonderful!
I need to play around with the demo some more & maybe even start
deciding what I want my new site to look like - maybe I can get it all
ready for when we go live with EE!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us, too. Michael's cousin & his
girlfriend are coming in from College Station & we're going to the
racetrack tonight to see Jason Boland with Steven & Jamie,
& Christopher, and some other friends...but before doing that I
have a lot to do today. Today is my first scheduled Friday off that I
haven't been in the office in a long time - so I'm am getting things
done. I have to take one of the dogs to the groomers & I have to go
buy a dress for a wedding we're going to tomorrow - needless to say, my
tummy has caused me to outgrow most of my other clothes! I am sure as
our baby girl grows I'll outgrow the rest as well!

In the morning I am meeting my sisters at our mother's house - since
she is coming home on Monday (WOOHOO!!) we want to get everything ready
for her! My sister set up a claening lady to come clean the house from
top to bottom - I think daddy is going to hire her from here on out to
help mother at home. We're also getting someone to come out and steam
clean the carpets. My sisters & I are going to clean out the
kitchen good & move around some furniture and do whatever else we
find we need to has been two months since mother was home and
even months before that since she was able to really do anything at
home b/c of the surgeries and the chemo & radiation so we want
everything to be the way she likes it - maticulously clean!!!! My
nephew is going to be taking care of the mowing & weed eating and
Michael and my brother in law are going to work on the flower beds.
Mother loves her yard - she has worked hard to get them looking nice
& I hope to get them up to her standards.

After I get through at mother's I have to come back & get ready for
the wedding we're going to on Saturday night...I'll have to go back on
Sunday morning to finish up and then the next day MOTHER WILL BE
HOME!!! I have a dentist appointment Monday morning at 7:00 and then of
course, work, but I hope that evening to go see her in her own
house!!!! We cannot wait until she gets home - neither can she of
course. You always feel better and get well faster at your own home in
your own bed!

Well, I had better get my day going b/c I have a lot of running around to do...