I'm 23 weeks pregnant today

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I feel like I'm in the first trimester all over again, though. I got sick this morning - sick feeling anyway - before I left the house & it hasn't gone away. I went downstairs & got a fountain coke to sip on & borrowed a coworker's fan to bring into my office. That's helping a little. I still feel yucky - and I got dizzy a couple times, too. I hope it passes this morning b/c I have a very busy afternoon & plans tonight with friends. We're going to see Kevin Fowler tonight at the racetrack. I hope the weather is decent for it since the concert is outside. Tonight is the last night for the summer concert series out there.

I am going to try to go see mother in the morning - if not then I'll go over there on Sunday. We have a b'day party to go to Saturday afternoon so if I do go in the morning it will just be a short visit. She didn't have a great day yesterday. Just not feeling too great at all. She seems to be feeling better today, though just very very tired.

I had my second class last night. Wednesday nights are Marketing & Thursdays are Accounting. I think I am going to like them both very much. I really like both professors, though they couldn't be more opposite from one another! It's going to be a very busy semester, though to say the least.

We're still supposed to be moving the site to Expression Engine - well, my host guru is going to be the one actually doing the move. Things are just so busy for everyone I can't say when exactly it will happen. So be patient while I go forward with the current set up & the slowdowns & upcoming changes! The (cyber) world will be much better later!