Concert, Comfy Mattress, & Visiting Mommy

Saturday, August 12, 2006
We went to see Randy Rogers last night at the racetrack last night. I
was so sleepy and after being up on my feet for so long in the heat
& humidity my ankles were so extremely swollen so as soon as we got
home they were up and I was snoozing. They haven't really swollen on me
during this pregnancy until just recently. I have been being very
careful about my salt & trying to increase my water intake, maybe it won't be too bad.

We did sleep well last night, though b/c we had our new mattress
delivered yesterday. We have been saying for a while we needed a new
one so finally just went out and bought one on Wednesday!'s
niiice!! It made the bed so much higher I think I am going to have to
get a step up as my stomach gets bigger...I almost have to jump up on
it now, but at 8 or 9 months pregnant I don't think I'll be able to
jump that high!

This morning we were up early b/c Michael went in to work and I went to
the hospital to spend the day with mother. She is doing so much
better!!! She looks great & is improving more and more every day.
This evening Michael went to the hunting show with his dad and brothers
and his cousin...this year it was a guys' outting - the girls decided
we didn't want to go this year!

We're still working on names for our baby girl, too. We have a couple
of  favorites, but no definites if you have any ideas
please share!