Weekend Update

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I had my first geocaching experience on Sunday with Elaine - it was a blast!! I can't wait to try it again. Dad has two GPS units so he is going to let me use one.
The entire weekend was pretty busy. Friday night I went to the hospital & my sister & I spent the night with mother so daddy could sleep at home for a night. After just one night I can really sympathize with how tired he has been through all this. Saturday morning was busy, too. They took mother downstairs early for a procedure to remove fluid from around her lungs. She is down to just one IV now & hopefully if she can get enough food down today on her own that IV will be gone as well - then she'll only have one when they give her antibiotics! She is doing much better. Saturday my sister & I washed her hair for her & put a pretty scarf around her head & put lipstick on her before daddy got there. For the first time she really started to look like mother again!
That evening Michael & I had some errands to run & then had dinner at Joe's He had to get up early again on Sunday for work so I went back to the hospital for a while that morning & stayed until about 3:30 - that's when I met up with Elaine at Amazon Grille for some yummy food, good company & conversation, and one of my first baby gifts!!! Thanks again Elaine!
We had a good evening driving around looking for the geocaches & stopped for Bubble Tea of course!
So, now it's back to work & my last week of school, too. I have a presentation that is due on Thursday (the day we also find out the sex of the baby) and then I'm done for two weeks before the fall semester starts. Long break, huh??? So, it's going to be another busy week.
Oh - daddy just called me & said they took the last IV off...so unless she is getting antibiotics she'll be IV free!!!!!!!