Update on Mother

Monday, July 24, 2006
Well, Thursday mother had another surgery that set her recovery back
just a bit...but at the same time I hope the results of the surgery is
that she heals faster.

Apparently the infection that was in her lung wasn't improving with the
antibiotics - they weren't getting to the infection to help it. So, the
doctors decided to remove the infected area. On Thursday morning they
removed the lower lobe in her right lung. They sent what they removed
to pathology, though the doctors said that while they were in there
everything just looked like infection - not like cancer, but they sent
it to be tested just to make sure. Up until the surgery every test they
ran came back negative for cancer - so we're all still very

Now she is working on getting over this surgery, but hopefully since
the infection was one of the biggest things hindering her recovery
she'll get home sooner. I hope she can keep her spirits up while she
gets back to where she was before this surgery. I spent Saturday &
Sunday this past weekend with her - she was much better on Sunday.
She's still in pain, but it's getting better every day.

I hope she gets over this surgery so she can be home again soon...and
daddy, too. He's been with her everyday & sleeping at the hospital
- just going home while one of us are there with mother.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers.