Unexpected Day Off

Monday, July 10, 2006
I went into work today expecting to be working in our new system -
today was Go Live fo SAP. We came in this morning to a notice that the
building was shut down due to a broken water main, though so I guess
we'll just have to Go Live tomorrow!

I am taking advantage of the time this morning and getting some laundry
done & some school work done...then I'll have lunch with my honey
and go visit mother for the rest of the day at the hospital. I was with
her all weekend and she seemed so tired all weekend...but today when I
called she seemed determined to try to get up and walk, with the aid of
a walker, of course, but she just had enough I guess and it ready to
really work hard to get better so she can go home! I was so glad to
hear that this morning!!!

Please continue to keep her in your prayers as it's still going to be a
long recovery, but it finally seems she is in the right mindset to heal