Makin' up for Monday?

Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm in the office today so I guess being off Monday didn't really make the week any shorter! I only plan to be here until about lunchtime, though & after that I'm outta here! I have a lot to do this afternoon before heading to my nephew's house. We're going to a Couple's Baby Shower at his house this afternoon for him & his wife. They are expecting their first baby next month. I'm anxious b/c I haven't seen his house yet & he's been there about two years. Granted he hasn't been to my house yet either...but oh well.

Things are still just as busy around here...and on top of my own stuff there have been about seven wedding & baby showers this month!

A couple of weeks ago I go re-ended coming home from work so I spent last night getting my jeep fixed - nothing too major thankfully. And last week our cafeteria here at work had a drawing that I won (I never win those things btw) - I won this huge basket filled with fruit, breads, cheeses, sausage, paté, pickled things, was pretty nice! So that was a good thing this week!

I still haven't felt the baby move, but we're going to find out in three weeks what we're having...I hope I feel it before then. My little pooch is growing, though. I still don't really look pregnant, but I am wearing maternity clothes b/c my regular clothes all seem to have become snug!

Well, since I am only here until about lunchtime I better get off here & back to work!