Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Update

I had my first geocaching experience on Sunday with Elaine - it was a blast!! I can't wait to try it again. Dad has two GPS units so he is going to let me use one.
The entire weekend was pretty busy. Friday night I went to the hospital & my sister & I spent the night with mother so daddy could sleep at home for a night. After just one night I can really sympathize with how tired he has been through all this. Saturday morning was busy, too. They took mother downstairs early for a procedure to remove fluid from around her lungs. She is down to just one IV now & hopefully if she can get enough food down today on her own that IV will be gone as well - then she'll only have one when they give her antibiotics! She is doing much better. Saturday my sister & I washed her hair for her & put a pretty scarf around her head & put lipstick on her before daddy got there. For the first time she really started to look like mother again!
That evening Michael & I had some errands to run & then had dinner at Joe's He had to get up early again on Sunday for work so I went back to the hospital for a while that morning & stayed until about 3:30 - that's when I met up with Elaine at Amazon Grille for some yummy food, good company & conversation, and one of my first baby gifts!!! Thanks again Elaine!
We had a good evening driving around looking for the geocaches & stopped for Bubble Tea of course!
So, now it's back to work & my last week of school, too. I have a presentation that is due on Thursday (the day we also find out the sex of the baby) and then I'm done for two weeks before the fall semester starts. Long break, huh??? So, it's going to be another busy week.
Oh - daddy just called me & said they took the last IV unless she is getting antibiotics she'll be IV free!!!!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Update on Mother

Well, Thursday mother had another surgery that set her recovery back
just a bit...but at the same time I hope the results of the surgery is
that she heals faster.

Apparently the infection that was in her lung wasn't improving with the
antibiotics - they weren't getting to the infection to help it. So, the
doctors decided to remove the infected area. On Thursday morning they
removed the lower lobe in her right lung. They sent what they removed
to pathology, though the doctors said that while they were in there
everything just looked like infection - not like cancer, but they sent
it to be tested just to make sure. Up until the surgery every test they
ran came back negative for cancer - so we're all still very

Now she is working on getting over this surgery, but hopefully since
the infection was one of the biggest things hindering her recovery
she'll get home sooner. I hope she can keep her spirits up while she
gets back to where she was before this surgery. I spent Saturday &
Sunday this past weekend with her - she was much better on Sunday.
She's still in pain, but it's getting better every day.

I hope she gets over this surgery so she can be home again soon...and
daddy, too. He's been with her everyday & sleeping at the hospital
- just going home while one of us are there with mother.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My hubby is so sweet!

When I came home today I found a dozen roses in a vase with a bib that says "I Love my Mommy..."

Thank you baby - I love you so much!!!

I've had so much going on lately between school, work, mother being in
the hospital, and just being pregnant that I really needed something
nice like that! I haven't had time to relax & the stress was
starting to get to his timing was perfect!

Thanks again baby!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Makin' up for Monday?

I'm in the office today so I guess being off Monday didn't really make the week any shorter! I only plan to be here until about lunchtime, though & after that I'm outta here! I have a lot to do this afternoon before heading to my nephew's house. We're going to a Couple's Baby Shower at his house this afternoon for him & his wife. They are expecting their first baby next month. I'm anxious b/c I haven't seen his house yet & he's been there about two years. Granted he hasn't been to my house yet either...but oh well.

Things are still just as busy around here...and on top of my own stuff there have been about seven wedding & baby showers this month!

A couple of weeks ago I go re-ended coming home from work so I spent last night getting my jeep fixed - nothing too major thankfully. And last week our cafeteria here at work had a drawing that I won (I never win those things btw) - I won this huge basket filled with fruit, breads, cheeses, sausage, paté, pickled things, was pretty nice! So that was a good thing this week!

I still haven't felt the baby move, but we're going to find out in three weeks what we're having...I hope I feel it before then. My little pooch is growing, though. I still don't really look pregnant, but I am wearing maternity clothes b/c my regular clothes all seem to have become snug!

Well, since I am only here until about lunchtime I better get off here & back to work!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Unexpected Day Off

I went into work today expecting to be working in our new system -
today was Go Live fo SAP. We came in this morning to a notice that the
building was shut down due to a broken water main, though so I guess
we'll just have to Go Live tomorrow!

I am taking advantage of the time this morning and getting some laundry
done & some school work done...then I'll have lunch with my honey
and go visit mother for the rest of the day at the hospital. I was with
her all weekend and she seemed so tired all weekend...but today when I
called she seemed determined to try to get up and walk, with the aid of
a walker, of course, but she just had enough I guess and it ready to
really work hard to get better so she can go home! I was so glad to
hear that this morning!!!

Please continue to keep her in your prayers as it's still going to be a
long recovery, but it finally seems she is in the right mindset to heal

Monday, July 03, 2006

Enjoy the fireworks...

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I'm working this morning...but at least I can do it from home! I had
taken a vacation day yesterday, but ended up having to go in anyway...I
had taken work home over the weekend, but need to go in on Monday for
meetings & to finish. Has anyone out there gone through an SAP
conversion at their work before? It's a bear!

At least I am home today, though. Most of the team is in the office. I
plan on having what I need to get done finished this morning and then
turning off the computer for the rest of the day!

Last night Michael bought some fireworks & we lit them with our
neighbor and their kids...all the boys had a lot of fun - including
Michael and our neighbor (the dad)! I think they enjoyed it as much as
the little ones!!! I think we're going to watch the fireworks show at
Splashtown tonight - we aren't going to be there...just across the
freeway or at our church. I don't want to fight with crowds.

Whatever you decide to do tonight to celebrate have a fun & safe holiday!!!!

Baby Jacob

I still haven't got to meet him yet, but here's another picture of Jacob.

Baby Jacob