Well, we had great news and then we had bad news...

Saturday, June 17, 2006
Friday was mother's last day of treatments! It was a pretty emotional
day for her. At the clinic there is a bell & on a patient's last
day they get to ring the bell to announce their completion. She got to
do that on Friday. She was so excited to be finished, but exhausted.
This last week the chemo was reintroduced along with the radiation and
she was told to expect a couple of bad days upon completion.

Saturday morning daddy called me to let me know that an ambulance had
taken mother to the emergency room. Her blood sugar had spiked up over
400, her heart rate was very high, and her blood pressure was very,
very low. She was taken to the closest hospital and after being treated
there they moved her to St. Luke's where her oncologist could treat
her. They had found she had an infection and gave her antibiotics to
treat it - gave her insulin to get her blood sugar down - and gave her
lots and lots of fluids. She had become dehydrated and apparently that
was the biggest contributor to all the problems she was having.

Saturday morning she wasn't very coherent at the hospital. By the time
we left North East Hospital to go down to the med center to St. Luke's
she was a lot more lucid. In the emergency room at St. Luke's she was
steadily improving. The still had to do another CT Scan b/c chest
x-rays at NE had shown a spot on her loans. They were afraid she might
have pneumonia. I guess that is better than any alternative and is
something that can be treated. She has been laying down so much since
all this started it won't be a surprise if in fact it does turn out to
be pneumonia. They did the CT scan last night at St. Luke's, but they
haven't given us the reports yet. Hopefully we'll hear something this
morning, though.

She is continuing to improve, but like it's been all along, it's going
to be a tough journey. Please keep my mother & family in your
prayers. I am sure she is going to only get better, but I hate that she
is going to have to suffer anymore to get there.