Update on Mother

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mother is improving every day. She still isn't good, but so much better than Saturday when she went into the ER. Her blood sugar is still pretty high, but nothing like it was before, so she is still getting insulin.

This morning they are doing a procedure on that spot on her lungs - a biopsy I guess. They don't know what kind, but they are thinking this is where the infection she has is coming from so they want to find out what it is so they will know how to treat it. I think I am going to go down there after she comes back. I have to teach a class here at work this morning so I'll take off the afternoon to go be with mother. I really hope this weather gets better before that time so the drive won't be too bad.

Thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts & prayers. I know in the end she is going to be fine it's just a really hard struggle for her right now to get there.