No time to say Hello...GoodBye...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
I swear I feel like the White Rabbit at times these days! Running from
this meeting to that meeting...taking this class...running to teach
that class...and trying to get my own job and school work done.

I know I've been whining about being so busy lately, but things haven't really changed. They just seem to be getting busier.

I did get to take off some time yesterday to go with mother and daddy
to the clinic for mother to get her chemo & radiation...though, I
was doing work while I was there and have phone meetings! It was nice
to see where she goes every day and meet the people who have been
taking care of her. Everyone knew who I was...they had seen family
pictures and heard stories about us all. I was "the pregnant one"! Ha
ha! She is still weak, but seems to be getting stronger and isn't
nauseous anymore. Her appetite is definitely coming back, too.

We had another appointment with my OB last Thursday. Everything still
seems to be going well. The baby's heartbeat was a strong 158! My
neighbor gave us a heart monitor to use. It's hard to find the
heartbeat right now, though b/c the baby is only about two or three
inches long right now! I have to count to make sure I'm listening to
the baby and not to my own heartbeat! We go back in three weeks for
tests and then the next visit we'll get to find out the sex of the

And did I mention that my doctor is pregnant, too...with TWINS!!! I
couldn't believe it! She is so excited! She is due about a week and a
half after me so her partner may actually be the one to deliver our
baby depending on when she is put on bed rest...and for how long.
Doctor's usually don't make great patients so I am sure she will stay
as long as she can, though.