I'm now an officer in the MBASA.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My friend from school joined the MBA Student Association last semester & is now the VP - she has been trying to get me to join & to be Treasurer. Well, last night I told her I would so now I am the Treasurer of the MBA Student Association at Sam Houston.

Last night was our first night of Summer semester. This class is only one night a week, but it's from 6:00 to 9:50 - they are going to be long nights. At least it's only one night, though & I really like my professor. She reminds me of a professor I was close to at Stephen F. Austin where I did my undergrad. I am hoping that being in the MBASA I'll get to know all my professors a bit better. I honestly wish I had taken this class prior to the management class I had last semester - it would have helped me a lot. This is a Business Communications class & apparently I didn't communicate well enough in my MGT class in the Spring!

I am taking two classes in the fall & the baby is due right after the semester is over so it's going to be close!! I hope she/he isn't early! I was planning on taking off the next Spring semester, but now I think I am going to see if there is a way for me to take a correspondence/online course instead. I really don't want to sit out a semester. I made a big mistake not taking anything last summer, although I really didn't have a choice b/c we were gone Summer I and there was nothing offered for me to take Summer II. Hopefully that won't be the case next Summer.