I haven't been neglecting things...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's just EXTREMELY busy these days! I am training my first class today, but I've taken two classes of my own this week already. And in between all that I'm still putting finishing touches on the classes I'm teaching & there seem to be hourly meetings that get in the way of all of this! I know they are necessary, but everyone on the team has meetings scheduled, plus I am trying to do my normal work away from the integration team!

On top of that, though I am still not sick anymore (thank goodness) I have gone back to being really tired all the time and since school started back last week I've got more work to do for that as well. I think I need to go stay with Pamela for about a month & find out what her secret is! She manages a house, two kids, also working on her MBA, a full-time job plus a side job (or two?), AND I know has been an active member in several organizations. I am so thankful for Michael - he does so much & I know if he didn't I would really be scatter-brained!

Tomorrow will actually be the three month mark - first trimester down! Yay! I have my next appointment with my OB today as a matter of fact. I don't think we'll be having another ultra sound today, though. I guess the next time won't be until we can determine the sex of the baby, which is about 20 weeks or so I think.

And mother is just about finished with her treatments as well. After tomorrow she just has one more week. I am going with her next Tuesday & I believe my sister is going with her the next time she visits the oncologist. I know she is so ready to get done with all these treatments...we all are. We're ready for her to be healthy again. The treatments have really knocked her down during these past six weeks. Next week the chemo is coming back in along with the radiation, though so that last week might be a really hard one. Hopefully the week will go quickly, though.

I haven't really had time to read many blogs either...and the few I've clicked on I may not have left comments either - I've been a blurker! But soon things will calm down hopefully & there will be more time. I know that everyone is so busy right now!