Weekend's come to an end...

Monday, May 01, 2006
Michael and I had a good weekend...though
we didn't get to go deep sea fishing on Saturday as planned. It's been
moved to the weekend of the 13th instead. The weather was just too bad.
The rest of the weekend ended up being beautiful, though. Since we
didn't go fishing Michael went to work and I spent the day at my
parents' house. That afternoon when I came home I found Michael working
outside so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures. Since my Grannie was visiting I had to show her what Michael grew in our garden:

That evening Steven and Jamie came over to go out for dinner and a movie w/ us. We didn't make the movie, but we came home and watched something we had.

We didn't do much this morning. I wasn't feeling well at all so I ended
up on the couch most of the day. By the afternoon I started feeling a
little better, which was good b/c Michael had been asked to play
softball w/ our neighbors. We just got back from going out to the ball
park with them and then to grab something to eat.

Tonight I am going to finish some homework I have been working on then
watch Grey's Anatomy!!! Sounds like a perfect ending for today!