Two More Weeks & Brio...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Those two thoughts are going to help me get through the day!!

We're having lunch catered to the project team from Brio today and there are only 12 more days before we start training and all this "prep" work will be done. Unfortunately, the tables for lunch w/ all the food are being set up a mere five feet behind me today and while I am sure the food is going to be tasty, the smell is nauseating - I'm pregnant, alright. Most things are nauseating! All I can smell are eggs - which I usually love, but haven't been able to eat since I got knocked up!! :) Oh, the smell just changed - now I smell marinara. Okay, that's a little more desireable! yuck.gif

Things aren't necessarily going to get any easier after the end of the month, most probably they are going to get harder. Then after we go live on SAP (July 1st) they are just going to get worse I am sure for a while at least! Do any of you work on or have experience w/ SAP? I used it ever so briefly (about three months) right out of college, but that was over six years ago so I can't really recall much...and the company I worked for had been well established on the system - they hadn't just converted as we are trying to do now.

Well, lunch is now it's time to eat!!!