One more day...

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

and I'll be back in my own office!!! It couldn't be any sooner. I am so ready to get back downstairs to my office with windows and most importantly a door! Our training starts next week so everything has to be finished today and tomorrow - we're there finally!

Mother is doing alright. She had a rough weekend - running a fever for most of it - but seems to be doing a lot better. They are starting to give her fluids daily now when she goes in for her treatments as well as nausea meds intravenously. They didn't do this last week, but did the week prior and she was 100% better when she received it. I don't know why they decided last week she didn't need it. She just can't eat anything really so she gets dehydrated and doesn't have any strength or energy otherwise. Hopefully they'll continue this now until the end of her treatments, which after Friday is only two weeks!