Lazy weekend...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

but those are the best kind! Friday and Saturday were very low key for me. I spent Friday home and Saturday at my mother's house. Michael was with his brothers - Friday night they planned to go to a concert, but it was sold out and Saturday they spent the day at the water fishing and crabbing. Sunday after church Michael and I went to see Ice Age 2, it was pretty good. Michael also got the yard mowed & I got the floors cleaned - we watched the playoffs & then after dinner watched the season finale of Desperate Housewives. It was pretty good, too - everything this weekend was just pretty good. Neither of us were feeling too great this weekend. Michael actually came home sick on Friday and probably should have rested more this weekend, but he took some medicine and felt better even though he really wasn't well. This morning he said he wasn't feeling good again and it's no doubt since he didn't rest at all this weekend. Next weekend is already full, but at least we have an extra day off on Monday for Memorial Day.

Mother was feeling pretty good on Saturday. She was more tired than anything, but my aunt and uncle came to see her for the weekend and that helped lift her spirits, too. It was nice to get to visit with them on Saturday as well. I was pretty tired myself Saturday so mother and I napped together for a while on the couch!!! She is starting week three of the treatments today. I don't know if they are still going to have to give her fluids today or not, but I really hope so b/c the fluids and the nausea med drip are really helping her feel better durnig the treatments. She'll be half-way through after this week!! I know she is so anxious for this to be all over!