It's been a lazy day

Saturday, May 06, 2006
Well, the rain has cancelled our plans once again...we should be snug
in our tents right now, but it would be on the mud if we had gone b/c
of all the rain and thunderstorms. What can you do? Three weekends in a
row now our plans have been cancelled b/c of the rain. Next weekend is
when our deep sea fishing trip was rescheduled. I am keeping my fingers
crossed that it doesn't get cancelled again. This is getting a little
Michael decided to go on into work this morning since we didn't go so I
hung around the house all morning and worked on one of my finals and
then worked on redoing our wedding site. I have one final done already
and will have to drop it off on campus on Monday. The other is due by
Wednesday - I am about half way through the last question.
When Michael got home we laid down and ended up sleeping for about four
hours!! I usually don't feel better after naps, but today it helped -
especially since I had been awake since about 5:30!! I started getting
cabin fever, though b/c I hadn't left all day. So, I took a small walk
and then later Michael and I left to go get ice cream. Otherwise, I
haven't left the house all day & spent most of it in my pjs!