Dinner & Grey's Anatomy

Monday, May 15, 2006

I've got my neighbor hooked on Grey's Anatomy...and she got her husband hooked on it! Since the season finale was last night she and I decided to watch it together - that turned into dessert and TV and that turned into dinner, dessert, and TV! So, last night Michael and I went over to their house for dinner & tonight we're cooking for them. Since Michael doesn't really like dramas he left when Grey's Anatomy started!!!

As far as GA goes...well, I have to say some things were expected, though I hate the way they happened. I actually do want Meredith & Derrick together, BUT I don't like the cheating part & I don't want Finn to get hurt, but you know that is going to happen. The last 1/2 hour of the show was really sad needless to say...

I am really tired this morning...as I am most mornings these days actually, but today was hard b/c I was sick again this morning. It's got some better, but I still don't feel too well and being up here on this team in cubicles and not in the privacy of my office doesn't make it any better. I was actually excited to join this team in the beginning now I just can't wait for it to all be over so I can go back to my regular job. I think it's mostly the atmosphere & the negative feelings about how everything is being run that really drags me down. I am so thankful I only have to be up here until the end of the month - at that point my team will be disbanded & I'll actually be doing the training and the work. Maybe then things will go back to normal - well, a little bit normal - AND I'll have my Fridays back. That's something I am really looking forward to. If nothing else, just to be able to sleep in one extra day.