Can you say busy?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

That's an understatement for the way things are going this week. I am going to be out of my office all day tomorrow and Thursday b/c we're having a "Train the Trainer" workshop. Basically it's giving up tips for teaching our classes for SAP. I have two courses that I am teaching so I had to break down one (from 65+ slides to 10) for a "practice" presentation for tomorrow. They just want to make sure we all know how to use Power Point and how to switch back and forth between the presentation & another application, which will be SAP actually. I think most everyone will not have problems, though I haven't used a remote for my presentations before - that will be something new for me. Otherwise, we're just going to be sitting there listening to everyone's abreviated courses for a day and a half! The guy heading up the course is in IT and holds classes all the time - he teaches classes on everything - Outlook, Excel, Access, Word...all kinds of applications and I hear he's very good and makes the classes interesting so we'll see.

Also, school is done! I emailed one final in this morning and dropped off the scantron for another during lunch today. Yay! Summer school is June 1st. Not a big break, but still a break!

Mother started her chemo yesterday, too. She was so nervous & sick before going, but she called me afterwards and sounded great. She is there now for day 2 and isn't doing too well, though. She's been sick most of the morning and was very sick while they were on their way to the hospital. I am so thankful she only has one week at a time of the chemo, then a four week break before the next round. The radiation is going to be everyday for the duration, but I don't know if she'll be as sick from that as from the chemo. I just hope these next six weeks go by very fast.