Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!!


I didn't post anything for Mother's Day yesterday so it's a belated Mother's Day wish! We went to see my mother yesterday morning. We were going to meet her and daddy at church, but unfortunately she didn't have a good day yesterday. We took some morning glories to plant and bought a trelis for them to grow on, but ended up spending about an hour doing yard work for her. She really appreciated that since she hasn't been able to be out in the yard since all this started. It's been killing her b/c she works so hard to keep her yard looking good. Afterwards we went to Michael's parents' house. The guys played dominoes and they grilled burgers and chicken - I'm still not able to eat meat really so I had a baked potatoe - that's actually almost a staple for me now!!!

We had a good time visiting family all day and then came home to watch my shows, relax, and get ready for another work week to start. One more month and hopefully all the sickness for mother and me will be gone. I'll be out of my first trimester and she'll be finished with the chemo and radiation!