And then there were two...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Elliott is going home by .20% of the, that's close. So, I guess now at least Katherine & Taylor can relax that they will both get record deals. I can't make up my mind who will win. Katherine wants so badly to be this diva, but that just isn't when she shines. When she sings ballads & more soulful songs she is wonderful. Otherwise she just looks like she is trying too hard. Taylor is great when he sings more bluesy songs, but when he starts getting spastic and hops around the place he makes me nervous. The last song he sang (Try a Little Tenderness - I think that was the name) was GREAT, but in the end he just looked like he was having a seizure!! So, who knows now. My choice was gone last week anyway, so I really don't have much vested in either finalist.