Wireless is working again...

Friday, April 14, 2006
after all this time w/out wireless at home, it's working again. Well, it's working at my parents' house. That's where I am now and my laptop is working great - so I guess the problem was my router setup so today I am going to buy a new router - I figure I'll get what dad has since my laptop is working so great on it.

Michael is at Lake Somerville - he's been there since about five this morning. I was going to get up with him and come over to see mother, but I ended up falling back to sleep and didn't get up until about 7:30. My brother and two nieces came over around eleven and just left a little while ago and my sister and nephew came over for a little while, too.

Mother is doing good now. She had a bad morning, though - she got sick, but took the medicine the doctor gave her for nausea and has been doing better since. She has been sitting up with us all day and even went walking outside in the back yard with me after everyone left. I weeded her flower beds some and took some more pictures of the plants in her back yard. I'll post them later tonight. I took some more really neat ones of the bottle brush (two former posts) and how they "bud out" - I had no idea! You'll see what I mean when I post them. Now that everything is blooming out at our house, too I need to get out in our own yard with the camera.

I really think my brother's surprise visit really perked mother up today. He called me about ten and said he would be here in an hour, but not to tell mother. So, when I heard the car pull up and they walked in the door I got a big grin on my face and mother realized I knew they were coming! She was thrilled!!! I am glad they made the trip to see her today. My brother really doesn't like to come to Houston. When I ask him when he's coming this way, he answers, "Why - I didn't lose anything down there!" He just likes the small town, but since mother can't go up there right now he takes the time to come see her.

Of my two nieces that came one just turned 18...on mother and daddy's anniversary as a matter of fact - April 12th. For a b'day present they are stopping on the way home to get her a tattoo! My brother did the same with her older sister that was here with them today, too when she turned 18! Mother was giving her a hard time saying she didn't need one!! She doesn't really like that my brother and I have them either!

Mother has some paper work she wants me to help her with so I am going to go now! I am getting tired so I might take a nap afterwards - I feel like I haven't had any sleep in weeks!