There is no time!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Okay now...the work load up here is horrendous! No more 1½ hour lunches for a while!! I think I am going to have to just start eating at my desk. Next week we have to have a demo of our data set ready for presentation - NEXT WEEK! Do you realize that I just got moved to this team LAST WEEK! No problem...I can learn in a week what everyone else has been up here learning over the last 8 months! Sure...piece of pie! The deadline on this project is way too needed at least twice as long it seems!

Otherwise, things are going good. Going to see my Grannie on Saturday and going to see EJ on Sunday to visit & play/learn DNN!!! So, hopefully after this weekend things will be looking better around here & eventually all the archives and other sites will be back, but that's not such a priority right now. All in good time! As a matter of fact there are a lot of good things coming to stay tuned in to find out what's coming!

We have Michael's cousins for one more night. His aunt & uncle will be home tomorrow - I think Michael told them yesterday that they weren't coming back for another week and stil hasn't told them the truth!!! It's been fun, though. The mornings were something to work out at first b/c Michael and I leave so early in the mornings for work, luckily they have a responsible older brother that helps out tremendously in that area. I got the up the first morning with me to eat b'fast and get ready and then later realized that was way too early for them and that they could just sleep in a while later! They were grateful! Imagine that...