Still trying to get the hang of it...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've managed to play a little bit around here, but haven't done too much. I just haven't had much personal computer time. No way at work and last night I had class and didn't get home until after nine - tonight I'll have more time, though so maybe I'll learn something tonight!!!

I've been so tired lately. Everything is getting very busy right now and the end of the semester is coming up so that means finals and projects are coming up due...right in the middle of a lot of new stuff at work, too. I was going to take two classes this summer - one five week course summer one that was two nights & a ten week that is one night a week. So basically for five weeks I would have class three nights a week and then five weeks just one night a week. Now that I am getting so swamped at work I've decided to just take the ten week course instead...take a little break I guess! I don't want to burn out, but I don't want to be working on my masters forever either!

Otherwise things are good...we're keeping Michael's three cousins this week. His aunt and uncle are gone on vacation and have asked us to watched their boys. One is a senior and won't be here much except to sleep b/c he works every night - the other two are still in elementary, though. They have fun with Michael so I think they are enjoying themselves being here with us!

I am going to see what they are all up to in the other room now! It's getting kinda quiet!