Mother's pathology report came back on Friday.

Sunday, April 02, 2006
It seems that one of the tumors the doctor removed w/ her pancreas & spleen was malignant.

I had spent all day Friday at mother's and went home when they left for the doctor. They called us back when they were on their way home so I knew the news couldn't be good. This cancer is a rare kind, though and not the more common Pancreatic cancer that everyone knows about & is usually fatal. This kind has an 80% survival rate. Since the doctor removed the tumor entirely with the portion of mother's pancreas that he removed we're hoping that was all the cancer. She is going to have to go see an oncologist soon to make sure that it is all gone & to make sure it doesn't return & if it happens to return to handle it as soon as possible and to see if she's going to have to have any kind of treatments for it.

It was scary news obviously, but it isn't the worst case scenario I guess. Daddy is having a very hard time dealing w/ it right now. My Grannie & Aunt & Uncle were in for the weekend, too. They left yesterday going back home. Mother is recovering well from the surgery and getting stronger every day, but gets pretty tired when she's up for too long. Her appetite is getting better daily as well - things still don't taste very good to her. She says that it all has a bitter taste & anything too sweet makes her sick to her stomach. When she saw the surgeon on Friday, though he was very pleased with her recovery - I mean she did have gigantic surgery (surgeon's words) so it is understandable it will take a while for her to get back on her feet. Plus the worry over the pathology report didn't really help matters much.

I asked her on Saturday morning, " you say that you HAVE cancer or that you HAD cancer?" and her reply was, "I say that I had a tumor that was cancerous removed.." - that sounds pretty positive, don't ya think?

Please keep my mother and my father in your thoughts & prayers...