It's early - very early...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
and I am tired. It's been busy - busy at school, BUSY at work, busy with family - life is just busy right now in general. After tonight at least the school part is going to let up just a bit. Our group is presenting tonight and this project has been hellacious. Not a fun one at all, but it' all managing to come together in the end and I am ready to present tonight and get it done, over, gone!

At work? Well, I've been given a new role - no I haven't been moved out of my old one, so that's something I am going to have to figure out. How to do my old job still and the new one. That kinda already happened to me once about eight months ago, but this new role is going to be every so much more demanding. A lot of what I am doing now I can delegate (maybe), but not the allocations. Those are still going to be 100% mine...and I can pretty much get them done in a day now so it really shouldn't be a problem.

My new role? Oh yeah - I am going to be a trainer for SAP. Yes, we're moving to SAP and I am going to be the trainer for all AP/Operational Account - domestic and Canada (Yippee - I am going to Calgary). Training is going to be in May/June I believe so I have until then to learn everything myself. I haven't been on the integration team up until this point so it's all new to me and basically there isn't someone to train me. I guess if there were, they wouldn't need me to train - right? So, here's all this software and date - Go Learn It! That's kinda how my instructions are playing out! Not exactly - but kinda! All day yesterday and today are training sessions that are keeping me out of my office, but they are pretty high level and not only specific to the area I'll be training. I'll have Thursday/Friday to figure out how to accomodate my old job and then on Monday I'll be up in the war room and take the full plunge into learning the material I'll be training...and learning to navigate the team's database and get my presentation slides built - though actually I think these are already started - everything has the same basic presentation w/ the same design and mostly the same modules, you just have to personalize it to each area.

And family? Well, mother is doing better. She's able to get up out of bed without any help now, though she still can't get up from laying down on the couch - b/c it's mush lower than the bed I guess. Overall she is still healing very well and making good progress. She got an appointment with the oncologist, but it isn't for two weeks. They said if there were any cancellations they would call her. I hope there is honestly b/c I would like them to either get started on whatever treatment is going to be needed or send her home and say come back and 6 months and we'll check you out - i.e. all she'll need is to get "checked out" every so often, but for now she has a good bill of health! It's always the unknown that keeps your stomach tied in knots - I get that from my mother so I know if I am worrying, she's worrying ten times more! She worries enough for all of us, so I guess I really shouldn't (isn't that a movie quote - Julia Roberts/Steel Magnolias - not intended, but relevant)!!!

Everything else seems to be going well, though. Michael is getting our gardens, both floral and vegetable, looking wonderful! I need to get out there with my camera to give an update on what all we've got going! We have morning glories everywhere this year and Michael is training them to climb the fence - I bought a trelis for the ones on the side of the house so they'll stand out a bit and not climb on the brick too much. Everything looks so much more mature this year...and the veggies are also growing so fast! I'll get pictures this weekend to post - looks like that will be my first chance to!

Well, I was up working on our project when I decided to post, so I had better get back to the project before I have to get out the door for work!