Is this day over yet?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I think I told you that I moved upstairs to work on this project team at work. I don’t know if I told you about my new office conditions, though. Well, I still have my office down on 9, but I don’t go in there anymore…maybe during lunch so I can shut my door, but up here there are no doors! We’re all in cubicles.

Now…I did the cubicle life years ago. Even here at this job when we were on the old marketing floor in the office in Greenspoint…this team was also put on the old marketing floor in this building – I guess so that it’s more of a team environment.

Okay…that’s well and good. I can handle a box for a few months again. The problem is that the box I’m in isn’t even as big as all the others. It was put together on the fly I guess and it’s a smaller one. Not only that, but now I am sharing this little box!!!!! How? I don’t know how it’s going to work. Thank goodness at least the walls are short b/c otherwise I think I would feel way too suffocated. Wait a minute – I already feel that way!

One thing at least, she hasn’t been here much this morning – she’s been in another cube working with someone most of the morning.


On a happier note – classes are about over! Yay! I have one more time to go to Economics class (already met this week) b/c our final is take home – so we can just email it in & not have to show up that last day of class. We meet two more times for sure in Management (this week & next), but I don’t know if we have to be there the last day or not to turn in our case studies. She might let us email that in, too! Who knows! Then I’m off until summer classes start – which is June 1st I believe. So…I get about a three week break! I’ll take it!