I'm waiting on the rain to pass.

Saturday, April 29, 2006
Then I am going over to my parents' house (yeah, I'm an early riser).
Grannie is visiting for the weekend so I am going to get to visit with
her as well.

We were supposed to go deep sea fishing today, but Mother Nature had
other plans. Michael decided since we couldn't go fishing he was going
to go to work. I think the draft is this afternoon so he'll come home
to watch that - afterwards I don't really know what we'll do. I wanted
to go see United 93, too so maybe we'll go see that.

EJ helped me get another site set
up for my wedding site since the old one was running on pMachined and
pMachine isn't on his new server...so now I am in the process of
getting that together again as well. Well, not so much in the progress
as it's on the "to-do" list! I haven't really had much time lately. It
won't be too hard, though b/c I save all the pages from the old site so
I will just have to tweak them a little bit and then paste them. I have
a big project to finish for the end of the semester so maybe after
that's done and before summer school I'll be able to get it done!
Thanks again EJ!!!

I am really missing my Fridays off from work. I didn't realize how much
I was able to get done on those days until they were gone. Thank
goodness it's only for a couple months, though and then we'll all get
them back - well, only people on the SAP team lost them...and I'm lucky
I haven't been on there all this time b/c they have been without their
Fridays for months and months! Even if all I had was a quiet day at
home alone it was much appreciated - I was able to do schoolwork or
other things I wanted to catch up on - scrapbooking, computer,
cleaning...or run errands that Michael doesn't like to do - go get a
hair cut! Oh well, I'll just have to go back to getting them done on
Saturdays like the millions of others here in Houston!!!

I think the rain is slowing down just a bit and I can see it getting
lighter outside! I might venture over to my parents house now. I don't
know if this is supposed to last all day or not...it's great for the
yard, but I hope it isn't like this this evening!