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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Bottle Brush

I love floral macros - I think that is my favorite subject to photograph and between my mother and husband's green thumbs I get ample opportunity to snap away!

Our back yard has a lot of new plants that are growing so fast. When we went to the nursery last Michael said, "We'll plant these and these and these and they'll bloom and be so pretty and you can take all the pictures you want..." I think he was trying to bribe me to buy more plants, don't you?

I need to get my own camera in our back yard this weekend. I took the picture of this bottle brush while I was at mother's this weeekend, but I didn't have my camera - I just took this one with mother's canon elph. It's no wonder I am prejudice towards canon - all their cameras do a wonderful job!

We have a bottle brush of our own; however, it isn't quite as big as mother's. Michael also got a lot of new rock to line the flower bed in the back yard and it looks great. I need to update our own garden album anyway, whether I take any macros or not (which I will I am sure)!!