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I'm waiting on the rain to pass.

Then I am going over to my parents' house (yeah, I'm an early riser).
Grannie is visiting for the weekend so I am going to get to visit with
her as well.

We were supposed to go deep sea fishing today, but Mother Nature had
other plans. Michael decided since we couldn't go fishing he was going
to go to work. I think the draft is this afternoon so he'll come home
to watch that - afterwards I don't really know what we'll do. I wanted
to go see United 93, too so maybe we'll go see that.

EJ helped me get another site set
up for my wedding site since the old one was running on pMachined and
pMachine isn't on his new now I am in the process of
getting that together again as well. Well, not so much in the progress
as it's on the "to-do" list! I haven't really had much time lately. It
won't be too hard, though b/c I save all the pages from the old site so
I will just have to tweak them a little bit and then paste them. I have
a big project to …

Good news!

Mother visited her oncologist yesterday & got her reports from her blood work and her CT scan all both came back very positive!!!! It was such great news! She still has to have the chemo & radiation, but I would rather she have to go through it as a preventative measure. I know she was so relieved to hear that everything was clear.
She went out Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday this week - all to the doctor, but I think it was good for her to get up & get dressed and leave the house. Except for going once to each of my sister's homes or the doctor she really hasn't left the house. I hope she'll get out some more between now and May 8th - that's when the chemo starts - to build up her strength some more.
My Grannie is going to stay with her about four days. I am going to try to get over there this weekend sometime to see them both. We're supposed to go deep sea fishing Saturday, but if the forecast stays the same I think they will have to reschedule. We h…

Is this day over yet?

I think I told you that I moved upstairs to work on this project team at work. I don’t know if I told you about my new office conditions, though. Well, I still have my office down on 9, but I don’t go in there anymore…maybe during lunch so I can shut my door, but up here there are no doors! We’re all in cubicles.
Now…I did the cubicle life years ago. Even here at this job when we were on the old marketing floor in the office in Greenspoint…this team was also put on the old marketing floor in this building – I guess so that it’s more of a team environment.
Okay…that’s well and good. I can handle a box for a few months again. The problem is that the box I’m in isn’t even as big as all the others. It was put together on the fly I guess and it’s a smaller one. Not only that, but now I am sharing this little box!!!!! How? I don’t know how it’s going to work. Thank goodness at least the walls are short b/c otherwise I think I would feel way too suffocated. Wait a minute – I already feel tha…

I've lost two posts this morning...

TWO! I don't know how I did that, but I'm not retyping everything again! I've lost posts before, but two in one morning? That's ridiculous!
So...I'll just summarize!

I had a great trip to East Texas yesterday with my sister
Michael left early to go fishing & I couldn't sleep
I brought the laptop into bed to blog/surf
Maybe the fact that I was laying in bed posting had something to do with it! So, I got up...moved around a bit and now I'm in the office & hopefully this will be my last post attempt this a.m. b/c I have to go finish my homework now!!!

There is no time!

Okay now...the work load up here is horrendous! No more 1½ hour lunches for a while!! I think I am going to have to just start eating at my desk. Next week we have to have a demo of our data set ready for presentation - NEXT WEEK! Do you realize that I just got moved to this team LAST WEEK! No problem...I can learn in a week what everyone else has been up here learning over the last 8 months! Sure...piece of pie! The deadline on this project is way too needed at least twice as long it seems!
Otherwise, things are going good. Going to see my Grannie on Saturday and going to see EJ on Sunday to visit & play/learn DNN!!! So, hopefully after this weekend things will be looking better around here & eventually all the archives and other sites will be back, but that's not such a priority right now. All in good time! As a matter of fact there are a lot of good things coming to stay tuned in to find out what's coming!
We have Michael's cousi…

I wanted to take a nap...

I was going to have a nice nap during lunch, but obviously that isn't happening b/c I'm sitting here posting now! I went downstairs with my coworker to get lunch & brought it back upstairs so we could eat and visit and then the plan was to come back into my office, shut the door, and nap. Well, my head was down for about three minutes. Enough time to realize I wasn't going to be able to rest. So...I'm up and playing with all these new features in DNN.

Still trying to get the hang of it...

I've managed to play a little bit around here, but haven't done too much. I just haven't had much personal computer time. No way at work and last night I had class and didn't get home until after nine - tonight I'll have more time, though so maybe I'll learn something tonight!!!
I've been so tired lately. Everything is getting very busy right now and the end of the semester is coming up so that means finals and projects are coming up due...right in the middle of a lot of new stuff at work, too. I was going to take two classes this summer - one five week course summer one that was two nights & a ten week that is one night a week. So basically for five weeks I would have class three nights a week and then five weeks just one night a week. Now that I am getting so swamped at work I've decided to just take the ten week course instead...take a little break I guess! I don't want to burn out, but I don't want to be working on my masters forever eit…

Happy Easter!

Wireless is working again...

after all this time w/out wireless at home, it's working again. Well, it's working at my parents' house. That's where I am now and my laptop is working great - so I guess the problem was my router setup so today I am going to buy a new router - I figure I'll get what dad has since my laptop is working so great on it.

Michael is at Lake Somerville - he's been there since about five this morning. I was going to get up with him and come over to see mother, but I ended up falling back to sleep and didn't get up until about 7:30. My brother and two nieces came over around eleven and just left a little while ago and my sister and nephew came over for a little while, too.

Mother is doing good now. She had a bad morning, though - she got sick, but took the medicine the doctor gave her for nausea and has been doing better since. She has been sitting up with us all day and even went walking outside in the back yard with me after everyone left. I weeded her flower beds …

No more Fridays off :(

Because we're moving to SAP at work there is a lot of work to be done in a very short amount of time - actually there is a lot more work than time. The integration team has already lost their Fridays off and now that I have been moved to that team I found out yesterday I am going to lose mine as well - until all this is done I assume. Since tomorrow was supposed to be my Friday off, but it's a national holiday I was supposed to be off today - well, not now! So I'm working today!

After this week I won't really be in my office much. I'll be working in the "War room" - just two floors above mine so I'll be able to be in and out of my office. They haven't got my computer set up yet so I don't have a home up there right now. I am kind of in a holding pattern b/c I don't have access to get in and work right now - they are supposed to be pushing the program out to the computer here in my office, too and that hasn't happened yet. I won't r…


Elaine has greats pictures documenting the entire cycle of monarch caterpillars...I don't know if I'll get to see these become butterflies b/c they are at my parent's house and I am not there every day. So...since I might miss that opportunity I decided to create this mosaic of the portion of the cycle I did get to witness! And who knows...maybe I will get to the next stage!

Bottle Brush <a href=""

Bottle Brush

I love floral macros - I think that is my favorite subject to photograph and between my mother and husband's green thumbs I get ample opportunity to snap away!

Our back yard has a lot of new plants that are growing so fast. When we went to the nursery last Michael said, "We'll plant these and these and these and they'll bloom and be so pretty and you can take all the pictures you want..." I think he was trying to bribe me to buy more plants, don't you?

I need to get my own camera in our back yard this weekend. I took the picture of this bottle brush while I was at mother's this weeekend, but I didn't have my camera - I just took this one with mother's canon elph. It's no wonder I am prejudice towards canon - all their cameras do a wonderful job!

We have a bottle brush of our own; however, it isn't quite as big as mother's. Michael also got a lot of new rock to line the flower bed in the back yard and it looks great. I need …

I am just sitting down for the evening.

I've been at mother's sincce about seven this morning. Last week we went over to see her and daddy and see how she was feeling. They had been to the oncologist that afternoon and we also wanted to hear what he had told them.

Mother is going to have to undergo a six week/5 days a week Chemotherapy and Radiation session.

It wasn't too easy for any of us to hear so I haven't been able to write about it either. It's a preventative measure the oncologist feels will help ensure the cancer doesn't come back - or at least improve the odds that it doesn't come back again - and hopefully kill any that might still be there. The drugs that they give these days for the nausea and vomitting are much better and the doctor says, though she will get sick, it won't be as badly as it could be.

It's going to start in about three weeks. She needs more time to heal from the surgery and gain her strength back and a little weight, too. Her appetite isn't too strong yet,…

It's early - very early...

and I am tired. It's been busy - busy at school, BUSY at work, busy with family - life is just busy right now in general. After tonight at least the school part is going to let up just a bit. Our group is presenting tonight and this project has been hellacious. Not a fun one at all, but it' all managing to come together in the end and I am ready to present tonight and get it done, over, gone!

At work? Well, I've been given a new role - no I haven't been moved out of my old one, so that's something I am going to have to figure out. How to do my old job still and the new one. That kinda already happened to me once about eight months ago, but this new role is going to be every so much more demanding. A lot of what I am doing now I can delegate (maybe), but not the allocations. Those are still going to be 100% mine...and I can pretty much get them done in a day now so it really shouldn't be a problem.

My new role? Oh yeah - I am going to be a trainer for SAP. Yes, w…

Mother's pathology report came back on Friday.

It seems that one of the tumors the doctor removed w/ her pancreas & spleen was malignant.

I had spent all day Friday at mother's and went home when they left for the doctor. They called us back when they were on their way home so I knew the news couldn't be good. This cancer is a rare kind, though and not the more common Pancreatic cancer that everyone knows about & is usually fatal. This kind has an 80% survival rate. Since the doctor removed the tumor entirely with the portion of mother's pancreas that he removed we're hoping that was all the cancer. She is going to have to go see an oncologist soon to make sure that it is all gone & to make sure it doesn't return & if it happens to return to handle it as soon as possible and to see if she's going to have to have any kind of treatments for it.

It was scary news obviously, but it isn't the worst case scenario I guess. Daddy is having a very hard time dealing w/ it right now. My Grannie &am…