Yesterday we had an impressive leadership seminar...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Angie Morgan & Courtney Lynch presented 11 Leadership Principles, which are laid out in their book Leading from the Front. They are both ex-marines and had a lot of great points!

In Leading from the Front, Captains Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch, U.S. Marine Corps, provide step-by-step instruction for women in search of professional success and personal fulfillment. Applying lessons learned during their combined 18 years in the Marine Corps, Angie and Courtney show women how to achieve their goals, regain control of their days, and obtain a healthy balance between career and personal life – by being leaders.

Leading from the Front focuses on the development of key leadership skills such as the ability to make timely decisions, the importance of seeking responsibility before placing blame, and the significance of controlling your emotions in times of crisis and stress.

Angie and Courtney dispel myths about what it means to be a leader and explain in a engaging, honest, easy-to-follow style how women can harness their innate leadership talents. Through compelling personal stories of success and failure, Angie and Courtney provide practical leadership wisdom to help women lead their lives, rather than letting day-to-day chaos determine their course. Leading from the Front encourages women to “lead as they are,” and resist the urge to become carbon copies of their male counterparts.

As Marines Angie and Courtney realized that leaders are not born, they are made. Anyone can become a stronger leader – and Leading from the Front shows you how!

I was impressed with what they had to say...and will soon be able to apply some points! Yesterday we had our presentation for class & unfortunately did not get to use our PowerPoint presentation b/c I had the wrong one loaded for us. Something that has NEVER happened to me before and something that I will NEVER let happen again!!!! "A good leader learns from their mistakes..." and I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Our next presentation is over "Leadership v. Management" and I definitely feel we'll use this experience to make a valuable point!!