Today is going to be an extremely busy day,

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
but I wanted to get a quick post in before the meetings began (I have two today and one is going to last the entire afternoon).

This morning on the radio I heard the DJs talking about this site: Where's George
It's for tracking bills & where they have been. Apparently one of the DJs got a dollar bill with a stamp (yeah, someone took the time to make a rubber stamp) that said "TRACK ME AT WHERESGEORGE.COM" or something to that affect anyway! Sounds neat if I ever had cash on me - I'm a debit gal & never have any cash! Easier to track where all my money goes that way, but if I do find myself with some I might log one in just to see what happens & if anyone tracks it after me - I am not going so far as to make a stamp, though. I think a pen will do just fine!!

Also - mother is going home today for sure. They weren't 100% positive yesterday, but I just got off the phone with daddy & he said for sure they are. I have class tonight, though so I won't be able to go see her tonight. Both my sisters live five minutes away so hopefully they'll be able to go by tonight. She has to go back on Friday, though to see the surgeon, but I hope she'll be more comfortable and able to rest at night a little better in her own bed.