Mother's surgery went well...

Friday, March 24, 2006
the doctor was very pleased with it. He removed 60-70% of her pancreas (the tail and body basically) and b/c the spleen was attached to that portion it ended up having to go with it as well. There was a lot of scar tissue on that portion from the previous surgery she had on it in '92 and a large mass and a lot of little tumors. The doctor said they all looked benign, but of course they'll test them to make sure.

He also said that the remaining 30-40% of her pancreas that was left should be enough to monitor her blood sugar so she probably will not have to be on insulin. Also great news!

She went in about 8:30 and the doctor came out around noon - faster than he had anticipated. Then about 3:00 they finally brought her out to go into a room - she didn't have to go into ICU, so that was a wonderful sign that things are going to be fine. She wasn't really awake much - she was talking and knew who everyone was and remember everthing that was going on. She even remembered (when I forgot) that I had her wedding ring on - since she couldn't wear it during surgery - and was aware enough to ask for it back! Everyone left around 6:00 I think - daddy stayed with her last night and we'll all go back to see her.

It's hard to see her lying there like that with all those wires and tubes hanging all over her (IVs drainage tubes and monitors), but I know that this is all very good - she has suffered a long time with pancreas issues and we're all praying that this surgery is going to take care of everything and that she be comfortable and pain free from now on!