Mother is going home tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
She's a little scared about it, but I think she'll be more comfortable there. We still don't have the pathology report back either and I am sure that's making her a little anxious - even though the doctor said he thinks it's going to be fine.

She walked a little outside her room today out in the hall and even had a few bites of solid food. I mean, c'mon it was hospital food - would you have eaten much more!?!? She'll get good food at home & maybe that will encourage her to eat a little more.

She still has a lot of recovery ahead of her, but the most important thing is that everything went well and she is going to feel a lot better after she has healed. She won't have to deal with the pain she was enduring every day from now on!

I won't be able to go over tomorrow when she gets home b/c I'll be in class, but Thursday I can - we'll see how good of a nurse my daddy can be!! ;)