I was going to post about Chris,

Thursday, March 02, 2006
but Jamie beat me to it...I think he's my top male choice on American Idol this season.

We didn't make it to see Trisha Yearwood last night. I just wasn't feeling up to it & Michael's been working so much OT lately he was pretty tired, too. So, I met up with a coworker and gave her the tickets instead and Michael and I grabbed Subway for dinner and headed home. I worked on my project for school and watched American Idol the rest of the night - I just needed to relax a bit. Tonight we're going out to dinner for Mother's b'day and then tomorrow after Michael gets off work (it's my Friday off) we're heading up to East Texas. He is going hunting with my uncle and cousin on Saturday. I'm glad I got most of project done, though I may take the laptop with me to edit it and put on the finishing touches!

I went over to the mall during lunch today. It's pretty nice outside right now...but give it and hour and then who knows! This has been such a busy week I'll be glad for a fun, relaxing, and long weekend!!! And then Sunday is Clay Walker - I can't wait! I was supposed to get my hair cut this weekend, but my hairdresser called and cancelled on me so I had to move it back to my next Friday off which will be the 17th. I needed to get it cut last month to be honest! It's getting unruly!

At work we have to complete compliance courses from time to time...I just finished the latest one regarding email use in the office. Most of it was actually pretty common sense stuff, though. Nothing we haven't heard before. I am guilty of using my work email for non-work related emails - I'm willing to bet that after this course the number of inter-office forwards is reduced drastically!!!!