I'm uploading pictures now

Saturday, March 04, 2006
from this weekend. We went to East Texas on Friday evening and came back last night. Michael and his brother went hog hunting with my cousin and though they didn't see anything we had a great time. We rode four-wheelers and the mules (the kind with four wheels not four legs) all over the ranch and hiked through the mud and picnic'd and fished and I took a lot of pictures! It was bee-u-tee-full day on Saturday, too. It was cold in the morning and evening and cool during the day - perfect weather!!! This was the first time I had seen my cousin's hog dogs, too. They are so beautiful and it was fun to watch them run around at the ranch - I didn't like seeing them cooped up in their kennels, though. They are used to it, though I guess. They have two bulldogs that are used to actually catch the hogs. I've alwasy been afraid of them, but they are the biggest babies - only tough when they get on a hog I guess.

We had a great time!!

This morning Michael and his brother are planting some plants that Michael bought last week and I've been doing laundry. We're meeting Kim & Billy at 1:00 for lunch and then going to the rodeo. I'm excited - tonight Clay Walker will be there.

Then it's back to the real world on Monday - school and work! When I finish uploading my pictures from this weekend I'll post a link to the album!