I love days like today!

Friday, March 17, 2006
Mother and I had a wonderful day together - we got our hair done, mother got a manicure while I got a pedicure - we had massages, facials, and our make-up done at an Origins event and found some really cute shoes and purses today...then had a wonderful lunch out before coming home for coffee and conversation! She also helped me get some things I had bought for the kitchen hung up on the walls.

Michael has to work again in the morning so I think I am going to take the pups to the groomers - it's getting warmer out there and poor Ace is way to hot with all that hair I'm sure.

My finger is going to be fine. I took the bandage off today b/c it needed air to help heal the cut. It's pretty deep, but I think it's going to be okay. The first knuckle is pretty stiff and it's swollen and not very pretty, but otherwise it still works!! I'll wrap it up again before bed just b/c I don't want to risk the cut coming open during the night.

Anyway...it's been a good day. I hope your Friday is going well, too!