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Found a cool new product on Tuesday...

well, it's new to me anyway. I don't know how long it's been on the market, but I just discovered it!! Tuesday night Michael and I went grocery shopping & I found a kiosk near the register (they always get you there) that had this coffee on it...I thought it sounded like a very cool idea. A self-heating can - great for traveling or camping, which we were planning on doing this weekend until mother nature decided to change our plans. I didn't know how good it would be, but I bought one regardless and brought it to work. I have to say it was pretty tasty - I don't really like sweet coffee so I bought the Espresso Latte, though it was still a little sweet, but still very enjoyable & very hot! It was a big interest around the office, too - I even had an audience when it came time to try it out & see how well it really heated up!

Today is going to be an extremely busy day,

but I wanted to get a quick post in before the meetings began (I have two today and one is going to last the entire afternoon).

This morning on the radio I heard the DJs talking about this site: Where's George
It's for tracking bills & where they have been. Apparently one of the DJs got a dollar bill with a stamp (yeah, someone took the time to make a rubber stamp) that said "TRACK ME AT WHERESGEORGE.COM" or something to that affect anyway! Sounds neat if I ever had cash on me - I'm a debit gal & never have any cash! Easier to track where all my money goes that way, but if I do find myself with some I might log one in just to see what happens & if anyone tracks it after me - I am not going so far as to make a stamp, though. I think a pen will do just fine!!

Also - mother is going home today for sure. They weren't 100% positive yesterday, but I just got off the phone with daddy & he said for sure they are. I have class tonight, though so I won…

Mother is going home tomorrow.

She's a little scared about it, but I think she'll be more comfortable there. We still don't have the pathology report back either and I am sure that's making her a little anxious - even though the doctor said he thinks it's going to be fine.

She walked a little outside her room today out in the hall and even had a few bites of solid food. I mean, c'mon it was hospital food - would you have eaten much more!?!? She'll get good food at home & maybe that will encourage her to eat a little more.

She still has a lot of recovery ahead of her, but the most important thing is that everything went well and she is going to feel a lot better after she has healed. She won't have to deal with the pain she was enduring every day from now on!

I won't be able to go over tomorrow when she gets home b/c I'll be in class, but Thursday I can - we'll see how good of a nurse my daddy can be!! ;)

Yellow Hibiscus <a href=""

Yellow Hibiscus

These last two pictures are almost the same, but very different! I've set this one as my wallpaper now - I think it's so pretty. We just planted a lot of new flowers last week so I hope they grow big & fast so that I can take some more pictures! Michael said we would get the flower bed in the back yard full of beautiful flowers so I could take some more pictures - I love floral macros!

Yellow Hibiscus <a href=""

Yellow Hibiscus

I did it...I finally upgraded to a Flickr Pro account. I still keep ALL my photos in my photo albums on Fotki, but now I'll be able to make some fun sets here and Flickr is a bit more of a social photo site - Fotki really isn't.

I wanted to uploaded some more of these hibiscus pictures and when I realized I had reached my limit for the month with my free account that's when I decided to upgrade!!

Mother is doing well,

though she isn't really feeling well. She is in a lot of pain and it's going to be a long recovery - but everything is healing nicely and the doctor is still very pleased with the results. She is getting up more and walking today - granted not very far, but she's still walking. I think she is going to get to eat solid foods today, too and they have removed her IV. She is still taking some pain meds, but not much. She takes as much as she can stand of the pain before using anything for it - just like my brother! Not me, I don't handle pain nearly as well!

Anyway, I think she is going to be coming home some time in the next few days - she isn't rushing it, though! I spent Saturday with her and then went back for the afternoon with my sister on Sunday. She looked so much better on Sunday. A lot more color and definitely more alert!

Mother's surgery went well...

the doctor was very pleased with it. He removed 60-70% of her pancreas (the tail and body basically) and b/c the spleen was attached to that portion it ended up having to go with it as well. There was a lot of scar tissue on that portion from the previous surgery she had on it in '92 and a large mass and a lot of little tumors. The doctor said they all looked benign, but of course they'll test them to make sure.

He also said that the remaining 30-40% of her pancreas that was left should be enough to monitor her blood sugar so she probably will not have to be on insulin. Also great news!

She went in about 8:30 and the doctor came out around noon - faster than he had anticipated. Then about 3:00 they finally brought her out to go into a room - she didn't have to go into ICU, so that was a wonderful sign that things are going to be fine. She wasn't really awake much - she was talking and knew who everyone was and remember everthing that was going on. She even remembered (w…

I'm leaving for the hospital in about twenty minutes...

mother is having her surgery today. I think it's scheduled for 8:00, but you have to be there pretty early to get checked in and ready. So, if you read this before that time be thinking about her around 8:00 this morning.

I don't know how long the surgery is supposed to take, but I'll try to update as I find out what's going on. There will be a lot of waiting around today so I am taking my school work with me...and then she's going to be in the hospital about five days I think before she'll be able to go home. This surgery can't be done laparoscopicly (I don't know why - so much is these days) so it's a longer recovery time. She's suffered from pancreatitis for a long time and they are now going to be removing the larger portion of her pancreas. I am just glad it's finally getting done so mother won't be in so much pain and discomfort.

Yes...I know St. Patrick's Day is over's just been so busy around here! I don't have time for a long post - so I thought I would put up this pretty macro for now - this is a Hibiscus from our front yard!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love days like today!

Mother and I had a wonderful day together - we got our hair done, mother got a manicure while I got a pedicure - we had massages, facials, and our make-up done at an Origins event and found some really cute shoes and purses today...then had a wonderful lunch out before coming home for coffee and conversation! She also helped me get some things I had bought for the kitchen hung up on the walls.

Michael has to work again in the morning so I think I am going to take the pups to the groomers - it's getting warmer out there and poor Ace is way to hot with all that hair I'm sure.

My finger is going to be fine. I took the bandage off today b/c it needed air to help heal the cut. It's pretty deep, but I think it's going to be okay. The first knuckle is pretty stiff and it's swollen and not very pretty, but otherwise it still works!! I'll wrap it up again before bed just b/c I don't want to risk the cut coming open during the night.'s been a good day…

That's not a Q-Tip!

Do you think my finger looks like a big q-tip? The hardest part is trying to type without an index finger...yes, I cut my finger tonight - filleted it actually - while preparing dinner. No, I didn't get any blood in the food and yes, that's the correct spelling for the past tense of fillet (I looked it up)!

Man, this post took forever to type...'s Friday - well for me it is anyway.

It couldn't have come any sooner either. I have been so busy at work this week I haven't had time to lift my head up. I could have stayed and continued working on into the evening today, but I figure it will be there waiting for me on Monday!

I thought it was going to rain earlier - the skies were dark grey, but now I can see the sunshine hitting the garden in the back yard. Mother is coming over in the morning and we're going to the salon for a hair appointment. I've needed to get my hair cut for a while and mother wanted to get her's cut before she had her surgery, which is next week. I love going to the salon and having someone wash and cut and style my hair - it's just relaxing! I think we're going to go for facials after that - Origins is having a spa day so we're going to take advantage!! Talk about relaxing! I also want her to help me put up some wall hangings that I bought for the kitchen while she's here.

Sunday Elaine and Kenny (never thou…

Get R Done <a

Get R Done

Tonight: Larry the Cable Guy and Cory Morrow

Inch Worm...Inch Worm...

isn't there a song about an inch worm?? Elaine and I went on a Photo Excursion yesterday at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center & I saw my first inch worm. I can't believe I've never seen one before, but I really haven't. We had a good time hiking around and looking at everything - just hanging out really! I think we're going to start trying to plans these types of outings (photo excursions) on a more regular and organized basis - we tried to the zoo first, but decided they must have been giving out free monkeys or something b/c it was too packed! We'll research ahead of time first next time, though to avoid running into something like that!

Anyway - I wanted to share a picture of the little guy that we found - actually there were many, but I liked this shot!!

Tea Sifter <a href=""

Tea Sifter

See...there it is in my tea sifter (I think that's what they are called) ready to go into some hot water!

Real Green Tea Leaves <div

Real Green Tea Leaves

I promise it isn't what it looks like - but I still lock it up at night just in case the cleaning staff gets curious!!

A coworker is from China and gave me this bag of real green tea leaves...she had two different kinds actually. This one is "the real stuff" she told me and I have to say it isn't like any I've drank before. I really do like it, though - and it's always funny to see the expression on someone's face when they see this bag of green leaves!

Yesterday we had an impressive leadership seminar...

Angie Morgan & Courtney Lynch presented 11 Leadership Principles, which are laid out in their book Leading from the Front. They are both ex-marines and had a lot of great points!

In Leading from the Front, Captains Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch, U.S. Marine Corps, provide step-by-step instruction for women in search of professional success and personal fulfillment. Applying lessons learned during their combined 18 years in the Marine Corps, Angie and Courtney show women how to achieve their goals, regain control of their days, and obtain a healthy balance between career and personal life – by being leaders.

Leading from the Front focuses on the development of key leadership skills such as the ability to make timely decisions, the importance of seeking responsibility before placing blame, and the significance of controlling your emotions in times of crisis and stress.

Angie and Courtney dispel myths about what it means to be a leader and explain in a engaging, honest, easy-to-foll…

I'm uploading pictures now

from this weekend. We went to East Texas on Friday evening and came back last night. Michael and his brother went hog hunting with my cousin and though they didn't see anything we had a great time. We rode four-wheelers and the mules (the kind with four wheels not four legs) all over the ranch and hiked through the mud and picnic'd and fished and I took a lot of pictures! It was bee-u-tee-full day on Saturday, too. It was cold in the morning and evening and cool during the day - perfect weather!!! This was the first time I had seen my cousin's hog dogs, too. They are so beautiful and it was fun to watch them run around at the ranch - I didn't like seeing them cooped up in their kennels, though. They are used to it, though I guess. They have two bulldogs that are used to actually catch the hogs. I've alwasy been afraid of them, but they are the biggest babies - only tough when they get on a hog I guess.

We had a great time!!

This morning Michael and his brother are p…

SPA0043.jpg <a href="" title="photo


Up-rooted beech tree

SPA0042.jpg <a href="" title="photo


I was going to post about Chris,

but Jamie beat me to it...I think he's my top male choice on American Idol this season.

We didn't make it to see Trisha Yearwood last night. I just wasn't feeling up to it & Michael's been working so much OT lately he was pretty tired, too. So, I met up with a coworker and gave her the tickets instead and Michael and I grabbed Subway for dinner and headed home. I worked on my project for school and watched American Idol the rest of the night - I just needed to relax a bit. Tonight we're going out to dinner for Mother's b'day and then tomorrow after Michael gets off work (it's my Friday off) we're heading up to East Texas. He is going hunting with my uncle and cousin on Saturday. I'm glad I got most of project done, though I may take the laptop with me to edit it and put on the finishing touches!

I went over to the mall during lunch today. It's pretty nice outside right now...but give it and hour and then who knows! This has been such a b…

Happy Birthday Mommy!!



HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (See ya tonight...)