We had a very busy & productive weekend...

Monday, February 06, 2006
Friday I was off so I spent the day w/ mother. We visited with my sister & I got to play with my great-niece for a while then we she got to work on the curtains for my newly painted dining room. There is still one more panel to put up (which we're doing next weekend since the guys will be away at the deer lease) and then I'll finally take some pictures to post! She is also working on another curtain for our living room.

That evening we all went out to celebrate Christopher's 21st b'day! I think he had a good time & let me just say I'm not 24 anymore!! While I did have a wonderful time that night, I had quite a headache come Saturday morning. It took a little while to get moving, but once we did we didn't stop!! We hit Lowe's and bought some plants for the flower beds and some dirt and came home and got to work. We planted several new flowers (including a miniature rose bush) and even started the garden by planting some onions. I left Michael outside to mow and weed-eat & I headed inside to work on the house...laundry, floors, dusting, etc.

Sunday we went to church (to repent for Friday night) and afterwards did some shopping for the superbowl gathering we had that evening. We had a houseful and I think everyone had enough food and a good time!

I have class tonight, though I would really rather go home and catch up on my sleep...*yawn* & I am actually heading out of the office right after I post this!