Mother has to go back to the hospital...

Friday, February 24, 2006
back in September I wrote about what's been going on with her. Well, it's still going on & even though we were told there was no mass in her pancreas, actually there is. She is going to have to have surgery again to remove the biggest percentage of her pancreas. I know she is scared, but I know she's ready to start feeling better, too and this surgery is supposed to do that. The surgery is scheduled for March 23rd, though I don't know the time just yet. I haven't been happy with this surgeon, or maybe his staff, b/c they left her hanging for about a week with no news even though she and daddy both have been calling the office almost daily to find something out. How do you just tell someone they have to have surgery and then ignore their pleas for more information?

So, keep mother in your prayers. I am glad something is being done for her, though surgery is never something pleasant. She said they told her she would be in the hospital for about five days. I am anxious to get this behind her so that she can start feeling better!!!