It starts today...

Thursday, February 23, 2006
today is Go Texan Day. The trails rides are starting and everyone here is wearing their jeans and boots and serving BBQ! Although, I'm having sushi today, not BBQ - I'll get my fill of BBQ this weekend at the cook-off. I am wearing my jeans & boots today, though. I like being able to wear my jeans to work - it's comfortable!

So...I am also foreseeing a comfortable day as well. These last few weeks have been pretty stressful - tons of meetings about work and sticky personnel issues & then yesterday a new one emerged that I had to deal with as well. I hope that's all just about to die down, though & we can all continue to concentrate on all the work. But for today...I'm not going to be stressed! I am going to have a relaxing, but very productive day in the office today. I have so much work I had better be productive or it's just going to throw next week back into chaos!!!!!