I've always called them mosquito hawks,

Friday, February 24, 2006
but actually they are called Crane Flies and they don't even eat mosquitoes as I used to think. Actually, dragon flies (which are also called mosquito hawks) do eat mosquitoes, though.

Anyway...I don't care if they eat mosqutioes or not - I cannot stand Crane Flies and have seen two in our house this week. They are as creepy to me as spiders - maybe even more b/c they are as bad as spiders, but fly as well. I battled with one in the bathroom Friday morning - I even got my hairspray after him - I think all I did was freeze him, though b/c when I left he was motionless on top of the garbage and when I came home he was gone! Today, though I found him lying dead next to another one on the floor. I read they die shortly after mating so maybe they got some and then croaked! Either way, they are gone thank goodness. THEN this morning I had some errands to run and when I opened up the back of the jeep I saw one fly in from the rain into the jeep. I looked everywhere inside the jeep for it and couldn't find it. I HOPE it actually flew out b/c if it pops it's ugly self up while I'm driving I might just have a wreck!