As you can tell I was at a concert last night.

Friday, February 17, 2006
My ears are still ringing!!!

Kevin Fowler was playing at a new place last night that is five minutes from the house - it was awesome to be five minutes from home!!! Especially for the drive home! Michael really wanted to go last night, but he's working OT right now and had to be at work at 5:00 this morning so there was no way he go - Kevin didn't even come on stage to 11:00PM last night and then played for two hours! So, Ashley & I made a girls' night of it and had a great time!

We were right in front of the stage and the speakers were stacked to the ceiling so it's no wonder I still can't hear! If we were talking right now you would probably think I was yelling at you!!!

Before we went to the concert our neighbors came buy and asked us to go to dinner with them last night - we went to a new place (new to us) and had catfish and shrimp. This place is pretty small, but apparently very well known for their food so even at 6:00 last night we had about a 30 minute wait! It was worth it, though - I haven't had catfish in a long time! We also brought home some blackberry cobbler that is wonderful!!! We'll definitely be going back!

Well, I have to get some studying done this morning and my parents are coming over in a little while - mother is going to help me finally get all my curtains up!! Michael will be home this afternoon so I want to get everything done so we can do something since he couldn't last night!