This weekend was so busy...

Sunday, January 22, 2006
Since I was off on Friday my mother came over to check out the new paint job & go shopping. We found some great sales (WooHoo) so I got some new clothes & some window treatments for the dining room & the windows on either side of our front door. Mother is going to do some alterations to all of them, so after I get them up I'll take pictures to post...and share our paint job, too! Later that evening we all went out to dinner and after mother went home we went bowling with Christopher, Steven, & Jamie. We also had birthdays to celebrate this weekend. Michael's maternal grandparents share a birthday so we visited them and had cake - then went out to dinner. Saturday night we went to see Fun w/ Dick & Jane - it was alright. Not quite as side-splitting as I had expected, but still a good movie.

I also got to spend some time with Elaine this weekend. We met up at Empire Cafe and sat and talked for about three hours before deciding to get some bubble tea - also pictured in the previous post! Sunday evening Jamie & I vegged on her couch while the boys played poker in the garage & watched the football game(s).

We were late getting home last night and I can tell this morning I didn't get enough sleep this weekend b/c I'm dragging. Maybe another cup of coffee or two is in order!