Jenny Craig has a blog...

Thursday, January 05, 2006
well, actually Kirstie Alley has a blog on the Jenny Craig site. Her latest Jenny Craig commercial just came on (followed by one for Nutrisystem) that's what led me to check out the site and found her blog.

I am not planning on joining any weight loss program, but am always interested in different methods that are used. I might check in every once in a while and see what she has to say; though honestly, I'm skeptical about it 1)b/c I am curious if it's really her (as I always am about celebrity blogs) & 2) b/c she is a paid sponsor - of course, everything she says is bias to begin with.

Most importantly, though I need to be more active here on my own weight loss blog. Since I set my nutritional goals again I've been following 2 out of the 3 really well. I haven't been drinking enough water and I can always tell such a difference when I do. My body just feels better and to an extent cleansed when I drink enough water in my daily routines. When I don't drink enough my shoulders hurt more (from sitting at a computer all day I'm sure) and I feel so blah. You're never motivated for doing anything when you feel blah! So, that's the goal I need to get on track. I've been eating oranges every day and have been making sure I do not eat anything after 8:00. I need to work on getting my butt either back in the gym or on the bike or just walking/jogging in the neighborhood. When school starts (ack - next week) I am going to have to make sure whatever I do leaves me plenty of study time as well.