I start classes tonight.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
I'm ready & I'm not. I think I'm just anxious right now. Once we get going it won't be so bad & I am sure the semester will go by fast since I'll be taking two classes.

This is the first five day work week for me in a while & it really feels like an eternity until the weekend. Maybe part of that is the anticipation of school tonight - I still have a long night ahead of me so that makes for a longer week!!!

Tomorrow night we're supposed to have dinner w/ my parents & then on Friday we're going to the BBQ CookOff at the Houston Farm & Ranch Club. I've been to this every year since I met Michael. My first one was about one week after we met actually - he hardly said one word to me he was so shy. Ha ha! I thought, "I came all the way out here for him & he isn't even going to talk to me..." Eventually, he got brave enough to walk around & talk to me, though!

So far Saturday is free & I may have to spend it reading depending on how much work we do tonight in class. I have three books for both classes this semester so I foresee a lot of weekend reading actually. I can do homework during the week, but trying to sit up and just read about Economics & Management after working all day is just too good a sleeping agent!