I made the Chancellor's List!

Monday, January 23, 2006
Yay me! As an undergraduate I had made the Dean's List. I didn't realize that there even was a Chancellor's List - apparently it is just for graduate students. I got the letter yesterday, but didn't open it until yesterday evening just before going to class. WooHoo!

Speaking of class: I got to campus early b/c I had a lot of reading to do & wanted to find a quiet spot to read for a while. I had about an hour before class so I just went ahead to the classroom. I knew no one would be there yet. I was afraid I would only get about 30 - 40 minutes in before people started showing up, but at 10 minutes till class I was still alone in the room. I went outside to make sure I was in the correct classroom & that a note of some sort hadn't been posted on the door without me realizing it. I decided to go downstairs and check the website again for the class schedules. I had a printed on in my hand telling me that I was in the correct classroom, though. So...I got onto the site for the classroom assignments and yep our room had been changed. It is now on the first floor and when I walked in it was almost full already. Man...and I had first pick in the other room, now I'm stuck sitting on the right side - I don't know why, but I like to sit on the left side of the room, near an aisle, about the 3rd row back (sounds anal, I know...)!! Oh well, at least I made it in before our professor did.

He, btw, is Hispanic w/ a very thick accent that he doesn't plan on working on (he said so) and that he won't be offended at all if we ask him to repeat something b/c we can't understand him. Sound familiar?? He is also left handed and has horrible writing (his words) so on the same note, he said if we can't read something he wrote he won't be offended if we let him know. We were spoiled last semester b/c our professor didn't like to stay late...so instead of taking breaks we just worked through and always go out a little early. Not this semester, though. Both professors are going to be keeping us there until very close to 9:00 every night.