I guess I shouldn't be surprised...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
I've gained three pounds since the last time I weighed in, which was October 7th. I guess I should be thankful that after nearly three months of not working out or really watching what I eat that I only gained three pounds and not more!

I don't make New Year's Resolutions b/c I never keep them, but it is time to get back on the wagon that helped me lose the first 28 pounds so that I can lose the remaing 28 31 that I have to lose.

The three most important things I need to start doing again are from the nutritional goals I made when I started the Commit to Get Fit program:

1. Drink at least 6 8-oz glasses of water a day
2. East at least one serving of fruit a day
3. Adhere to an eating cut-off time of 8:00 pm

I really think these three goals were the most efficient to help me succeed in my weight loss. I felt I had more energy, I didn't feel "blobby" all the time, my appetite was much more supressed, & cravings weren't a problem for me. The rest, though not a piece of cake by any means, came much more easily after that!!

So, starting now I am going to work to meet those daily goals. With all the New Year's fitness resolutions that are being made right now I figure I'll have a lot of support b/c weight loss is "in your face" everywhere you turn & friends/coworkers are also starting to work on the same thing. It took me five months to lose the first 28 pounds - I don't think I am going to put a target date on it this time, though. If I just work on it daily, hopefully it will just become the way I live & that's going to help me in the long run I think!